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The Aspects of the Original Impossible Quiz 2 & Its Sequel

The Impossible Quiz 2 is the sequel to the original Impossible Quiz which was released back in 2007 on Newgrounds. Both games were made by Slapp-me-do who also released the “Impossible Quiz Book” in 2009, which is the quiz in book form with 3 grueling chapters of difficult questions. The premise of the games is quite simple. Just answer the question at hand correctly to continue. Easier said than done. Especially since some questions aren’t more like questions than they are tasks to perform, such as moving the mouse very precisely through a maze. The original quiz game was such a big hit, it needed a sequel and then Slapp-me-do came out with the Impossible Quiz 2. Both of these games even got their own iOS app ports so they can be played on-the-go.

Impossible Quiz 2Controls:
The controls for the quiz aren’t too difficult to understand: Answer questions correctly and if you can’t, it’s game over. Only a computer mouse and keyboard are required. Any simple mouse and keyboard combo will do. The main point of the game is to answer questions correctly until you get to the end. Most of the questions in the quiz can be answered with the mouse but sometimes the question may want the player to type something on the screen, in which case a keyboard is definitely a necessity.

Impossible Quiz 2

The player starts off with 3 lives, losing one each time a question is answered incorrectly and, if all 3 are gone, it’s game over. Slapp-me-do wasn’t too harsh with his quizzes since he did add some “Skips”. Skips are power-ups used to skip questions, although using these prematurely or on easy questions resulted in regret during the later parts of the quiz. Also, there aren’t any checkpoints during the game so good luck beating it on your first try with no cheating. Bombs are another aspect of the game, added in to up the difficulty even more. These bombs limit the time the player has for certain questions and gives anywhere between 1 to 11 seconds for the player to answer the question but if the player answers incorrectly or runs out of time, it’s game over.

Changes from The Impossible Quiz 1
This sequel to the original Impossible Quiz involves more questions, a new power-up, and a better overall design. The original quiz had 110 questions whereas this sequel has 120. The sequel also introduces a new power-up called the Fusestopper which defuses bombs. The amount of lives you start off with are now 5 in the sequel.

Is Impossible Quiz really impossible?

The Impossible Quiz is a fun puzzle game which allows you to challenge your wits. It was created by Splapp-Me-Do and released on February 20, 2007 on the deviantArt and Newgrounds. It became very popular and managed to become a huge success. Another very funny game which I want to present you is Whack Your Boss 2, but right now lets talk more about Impossible Quiz below.

It is available in all the iOS devices and can be played on your browser in the classic Flash mode. It presents the players with hard questions of which, they have to give the right answer in order to move to the next level. What makes the game to be so fun and interesting to play, is the fact that the player has to think outside the box in order to get the right answer.

Impossible QuizHow to play:
The game has a total of 110 questions, which you have to answer all of them right in one round. In each question a player has to choose between four choices in order to move on to the next question.

A player is given only three lives of which, in every wrong answer the player submits they lose a life. If you lose all the three lives, then the game is over and you have to start all over again.
As the player continues to play, the game offers the player ‘skips’ which shows up on the screen as a green arrow-shaped. This ‘skips’ allows the players to skip certain questions.
A player should always check the bombs of some questions, which have timers ranging from around 1 to 11 seconds. Since, if you do not answer right on time the game will be over and you will have to start over at the beginning.

question exampleAs you play you may find that some questions do not give visible answers on your screen, therefore your mission is to discover the answer in the best way possible.
Sometimes you may be frustrated when you are playing, but the trick is changing your perspective just a little, since the main objective of the game is to change how you think and to also amuse you.

Game controls:
The player should use the mouse by left clicking, to carefully answer the questions.

In Flash files, a player can use the Tab key to highlight some of the clickable objects that are on the screen at any given point of the game, this is because some questions may trick you in certain ways.

In conclusion, Impossible Quiz is very addictive and interesting to play. Some questions are so funny and some you have to think outside the box since the answers presented are very tricky, whereby sometimes you might think you have the correct answer but it ends up to be incorrect. Therefore, it gives the players the urge to come back and try to solve that question.

Impossible Quiz has inspired the development of other online puzzle games which have also become a success.

Play Return Man Online

If you are bored with ordinary flash games which involve leveling, building, crafting and things like that then you should definitely check Return Man game.

Return ManThis is very first version of the game and it involves amazing action of American football along with decent graphics of the game and realistic sound effects. Main objective of this game is to catch ball and run past the defenders to the finish line. It may sound easy, but don’t forget about your opponents as well, there are couple of defenders who will do their best to stop you from scoring touchdown.

Meanwhile there was new release of another top puzzle game twist text 2 which is completely free and very entertaining.

Developers of this game (ESPN) did awesome job by adding few special moves which can be essential is some situations, in order to use these special moves you will have to unlock them first, unlocking these abilities are matter of time and matter of successful touchdowns, the more touchdowns you have the more powerful special moves you can get. Once you have these special moves you will have to learn how to use them correctly, you will find out this easily while playing, just be patient.

character of the game

Controls of the game are following:

I – run forward
J – run left
L – run right
Space bar – continue
M – mute

Special moves:

A – juke
S – hurdle
D – afterburner

Return Man 1 is outstanding game in its category, playing it will keep you entertained and excited as well.


Play/Find Gunblood Unblocked & Cheats Online

If you’re sick and tired of regular old shooters and looking for something new and exciting to get your hands on, then Gunblood Unblocked is the best thing you are going to come across in a very long time. The game is quite simple for anyone to understand and can get you hooked in a matter of minutes.

What’s it about
Gunblood Unblocked has basically taken one of the oldest genres of games in the book and made it into something totally different. It is something of a traditional western shootout but instead of only testing your reflexes and how fast you can draw your weapon and shoot, it also tests your aim. You basically need to kill your opponent faster than he or she can kill you. You have 7 bullets to get off the perfect shot and if you finish them all, you’re going to be a sitting duck, so don’t be too quick to pull the trigger.


Instructions and controls
– As you start this game, you get to choose from 10 default characters.

– The game also has an option which allows you to enter cheats if you want to choose the easy way out.

– There are 9 levels and the difficulty increases which each new level.

– You basically have to keep your mouse on your gun barrel which is on the bottom left of the screen.

– As long as your mouse is on the barrel, a timer shows up in the center of the screen which counts down from 3.

– Once it reaches zero, you need to move your mouse as quickly as you to your opponent’s body or head on the other side of the screen and shoot them.

– You have a life bar above your character as well as your opponent’s character. Whichever one empties out quicker is the loser.

– If you win, you progress to the next round, if you lose you have to start over.

– Little bit off topic line here, but check out new trending zombie game called Earn To Die 2.

Instructions and controls

So there really is nothing else to Gunblood Unblocked apart from this. It is really simple and all you need is the mouse to play the game. Personally, I spent a couple of days playing the game but failed miserably. It will probably take weeks of practice before I’m able to reach level 9 and complete the game. Think you can do better? Why don’t you give the game a try and let’s see how good you really are at shooting them up?

P.S. Play online unblocked version of popular Gunblood game, collect points and compete with your friends in private groups. Become fastest hand in the game and gain all the fame and glory. Keep in mind that there are cheats as well in the game, if you are interested of course.