Month: March 2018

Play/Find Gunblood Unblocked & Cheats Online

If you’re sick and tired of regular old shooters and looking for something new and exciting to get your hands on, then Gunblood Unblocked is the best thing you are going to come across in a very long time. The game is quite simple for anyone to understand and can get you hooked in a matter of minutes.

What’s it about
Gunblood Unblocked has basically taken one of the oldest genres of games in the book and made it into something totally different. It is something of a traditional western shootout but instead of only testing your reflexes and how fast you can draw your weapon and shoot, it also tests your aim. You basically need to kill your opponent faster than he or she can kill you. You have 7 bullets to get off the perfect shot and if you finish them all, you’re going to be a sitting duck, so don’t be too quick to pull the trigger.


Instructions and controls
– As you start this game, you get to choose from 10 default characters.

– The game also has an option which allows you to enter cheats if you want to choose the easy way out.

– There are 9 levels and the difficulty increases which each new level.

– You basically have to keep your mouse on your gun barrel which is on the bottom left of the screen.

– As long as your mouse is on the barrel, a timer shows up in the center of the screen which counts down from 3.

– Once it reaches zero, you need to move your mouse as quickly as you to your opponent’s body or head on the other side of the screen and shoot them.

– You have a life bar above your character as well as your opponent’s character. Whichever one empties out quicker is the loser.

– If you win, you progress to the next round, if you lose you have to start over.

– Little bit off topic line here, but check out new trending zombie game called Earn To Die 2.

Instructions and controls

So there really is nothing else to Gunblood Unblocked apart from this. It is really simple and all you need is the mouse to play the game. Personally, I spent a couple of days playing the game but failed miserably. It will probably take weeks of practice before I’m able to reach level 9 and complete the game. Think you can do better? Why don’t you give the game a try and let’s see how good you really are at shooting them up?

P.S. Play online unblocked version of popular Gunblood game, collect points and compete with your friends in private groups. Become fastest hand in the game and gain all the fame and glory. Keep in mind that there are cheats as well in the game, if you are interested of course –

Play Electric Man 3 Game

Electric Man 3If you enjoy action gaming, then this is definitely a game you will enjoy playing. Electric Man 3 is a free online game in which the player controls an electrically charged character after whom the game gets its name. The aim of this character is to battle against robots and win the tournament of Voltagen. With a combination of martial arts, super powers and street fighting capabilities, the character can be controlled by the player to beat all opponents and emerge victorious in the battle.

How do you play Electric Man? Simply use the arrow keys as well as the Q, W,E, A, S and D keys on the keyboard to control the actions of the character including kicking, punching and grabbing among other actions. The aim is to fight the battle, blow off some steam, win and save the electric character from any harm by the approaching enemies. This game is so much fun that it can become addictive within a very short while.

This fighting flash game is truly amazing when it comes to attack abilities. There are attacks that use battery power; they can be performed only when you have enough charge of battery. There are attacks that can be performed in slow motion and it really looks cool, like action movie or something like that. There are attack abilities that perform simple punches as well as there are attack abilities that allow you to grab your opponent and throw him high in the sky and many more.

1 vs 2 in electric man
I also like sound effect of the game, everything seems pretty well synchronized. Apart from this, game also has pretty decent storyline, most people think that storyline for fighting flash game is waste of time, but I don’t agree. It is because of story lines that most people experience cozy atmosphere and huge interest towards that game, the devil is in the detail never forget that.

Check following video as well, it may help you to increase your skill in Electric Man 3! You can find more videos yourself if you want to on the YouTube.

That is all, play other versions of this game as well, it is pretty cool with tons of new features and possibilities.


If you enjoyed playing the first installment of the Pixel Warfare gaming franchise, then you are going to absolutely love the sequel. The Pixel Warfare V2 is a First Person Shooter (FPS) game, that is even more addictive than its predecessor. You can select your team and play through new and exciting, difficult missions. The objective still remains the same as the first version of the game – ‘total annihilation of your enemies!’
Aaaaand another similar game is Cat Ninja Unblocked which I think is also epic and entertaining.

Arsenal Upgrade!

In this new game version, you can get a variety of brand new weapons to choose from. There are sub-machine guns, shotguns and handguns to pick from, so stock up your arsenal and conquer your enemies before they get to you, just register on the online gaming platform and enjoy the Minecraft Unblocked. There is only one instruction to this game and that is, ‘shoot on sight!’

Easy Controls!

Just like the earlier game version, the controls are quite simple to understand and master.

For movement all you need to do is to make use of the W.A.S.D keys on your keyboard. If you want to jump over an obstacle, then you should tap the space bar of your keyboard. For shooting, which is the most exciting aspect of the game, you need to use your mouse, which you also use to aim at an enemy before you shoot at them. If you don’t like shooting games and prefer puzzle game try 3 sugar sugar game.

Wait a minute! Did you run out of bullets?! That’s no problem, just tap the R key of your keyboard and you will reload your weapon easily.

Change your weapons by pressing any of the 1 to 6 keys on your keyboard. Switch from handgun, to shotgun and then to a machine gun conveniently and inflict maximum damage on your enemies.

Game Tips Make You A Better Player

To be a better player, you might want to try out these simple game tips.

Ready, Set, Aim!

Aiming increases your chances of inflicting more damage on your enemies, so try to aim before shooting and also avoid moving while aiming, stay perfectly still if you want to aim to effectively destroy your enemies.

Shoot To Kill!

You have a license to kill, so use it! Just make sure you know when to pull the trigger, because if you miss, you will attract attention to yourself and a rain of bullets as well. Go for the kill shot always and wipe out your enemies.

Be A Quick Draw! 

You increase you chances of survival in the Pixel Warfare V2 game by being a quick draw, which simply means being able to aim and shoot almost at once. This is a skill that is acquired by practice, experience and a mastery of your controls.

Don’t Waste Bullets, Use A Knife

For close combat with the enemy, it’s advisable to bring out your knife, rather than aiming and shooting. One-on-one combat with a knife is ideal for battles at close quarters, so make yourself a mean killing machine!

Tank Trouble Unblocked – PLAY ONLINE

Whether its to pass the time or just for fun, online internet games have always helped us through our times of need and sheer boredom. Amongst the many amazing online games that have existed throughout the past Tank, Trouble Unblocked stands amongst them. The game may be easy to get a grasp of but mastering it can become close to impossible.

Tank Trouble UnblockedThe object of the game:
The key object of the game is simple and not at all hard to understand. In order for one to win, he needs to destroy all other tanks on the screen. Absolute destruction is the point of the game and for all those of you who enjoy a hard-core yet simple multiplayer game, this game is custom built for you.

How to play:
Maneuvering the tank around inside the maze in order for it to move closer to its targets, picking up power-ups and evading incoming enemy fire are the core essence of the game. It may sound easy but from the moment you start the first game, you’ll realize that the movement of the tank isn’t all that easy to control and hence killing and evading under such unforgiving conditions becomes a rather difficult task.

Three modes of the game:
1) Single Player: This particular mode allows you to face off against opponents that are controlled by the computer. One would think that this game is only fun when played with other players but they can’t be any more wrong. The game provides a very fulfilling experience even when you’re playing alone because the computer is definitely not a very forgiving opponent, trying to blow your tank up on the earliest.

2) Two Player: The two player mode allows two people to simultaneously enter the maze of death together, facing against one another. Either it’s with your friend or your girlfriend, this game is definitely going to peak your interest.

3) Three Player: The game becomes most nerve wracking with the addition of a third player into the maze. Now that its three players and every man for himself, the gaming experience gets elevated and the need for survival becomes even more urgent.

Single player mode uses the directional keys on your keyboard to move and the M key to shoot.
In the case of two or three players, player one uses the same keys while player two uses ESDF keys to move and the Q key to shoot whereas player 3 uses the mouse to move and the left click to shoot.

Style of this game is similar to Gunblood, in both cases your main objective is to destroy enemy. In order to achieve your goal you have to aim first and shoot first, you need exceptional reaction and fast response! Otherwise you will lose all matches.