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Play Cubefield 2 Online

Cubefield 2 is a fun, addicting, arcade-style game. It is simple, fast-paced, and graphically beautiful. Its easy instructions and quick gameplay make it the perfect online game for players of all ages and skill levels to enjoy.

Cubefield 2 is an online game that operates on very basic controls, which means that all players will be able to catch on quickly and enjoy playing the game. Simply use your left and right arrow keys to dodge the cubes that appear in the way of your ship’s path. Press P if you need to pause, and Q in order to adjust the gameโ€™s quality.

You play as a little grey ship in a graphically beautiful world. You must use the left and right arrow keys in order to steer your ship forward and avoid the colored 3D cubes that pop up in the way of your path. The aim of Cubefield 2 is to drive your ship as far forward as possible and to score the maximum number of points. If you think this sounds easy, then you are in for a big surprise. Cubefield 2 begins easily enough: the game commences with your little ship flying freely through the land, cubes merely forming a column on either side of its path. However, before you know it, endless cubes are cropping up in your way, blocking you from advancing further, and you must dodge and slide your ship out of the way of these oncoming obstacles in order to stay alive. The minute you crash into a colored block, it is game over, and you must start from the beginning of the game all over again. The left and right controls are super sensitive, too- be wary of how hard you press on your arrow keys, or you might end up sailing your ship farther than you would have liked, and landing up in a collision!

As you progress farther and farther into the game, the more difficult the obstacles become- you will be thrown off track by discretely colored cubes that blend into your path, and surprisingly placed cube formations. You will have to remain focused and keep your reflexes super quick in order to become a Cubefield 2 champion!

Although Cubefield 2 only uses two main controls, it still offers fantastic gameplay effects. When you move left and right, the entire screen tilts with you, providing a stunningly trip effect. The game is incredibly simple, yet exceptionally addicting. It is fun, easy, and fast-paced; it has all the necessary ingredients in order to get you hooked!

Play Return Man Online

If you are bored with ordinary flash games which involve leveling, building, crafting and things like that then you should definitely check Return Man game.

Return ManThis is very first version of the game and it involves amazing action of American football along with decent graphics of the game and realistic sound effects. Main objective of this game is to catch ball and run past the defenders to the finish line. It may sound easy, but donโ€™t forget about your opponents as well, there are couple of defenders who will do their best to stop you from scoring touchdown.

Meanwhile there was new release of another top puzzle game twist text 2 which is completely free and very entertaining.

Developers of this game (ESPN) did awesome job by adding few special moves which can be essential is some situations, in order to use these special moves you will have to unlock them first, unlocking these abilities are matter of time and matter of successful touchdowns, the more touchdowns you have the more powerful special moves you can get. Once you have these special moves you will have to learn how to use them correctly, you will find out this easily while playing, just be patient.

character of the game

Controls of the game are following:

I โ€“ run forward
J โ€“ run left
L โ€“ run right
Space bar โ€“ continue
M โ€“ mute

Special moves:

A โ€“ juke
S โ€“ hurdle
D โ€“ afterburner

Return Man 1 is outstanding game in its category, playing it will keep you entertained and excited as well.